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Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed, and every school deserves the support to make it happen.

For us, education is about so much more than delivering the best grades.

It's about offering an ambitious and enriched curriculum, supporting social, emotional and mental well-being and helping every child understand how they can make a positive impact on the world.

That's why we're committed to helping every school create a learning environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning.

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What others say...

The best for our pupils and our staff

"As a Local Authority School, I was feeling isolated and knew we needed support that the local authority just couldn't give.  
I'm proud to have made the choice to become a TPAT school because now we benefit from the Trust's experience in so many areas. It's the support we need to deliver the best for our pupils and our staff."

Matt Nicholls

Nanpean Primary School

A Trust schools want to join

"The Trust is one that schools want to join. They value the high-quality support within the Trust, which consolidates what is strong and strengthens any weaknesses"



Reduces stress

"New to the post of headteacher, it's easy to see how the role could easily become overwhelming and stressful. 
As a TPAT school, the level of support I've received has been incredible. There is always someone at the trust with the time to help, and so, no matter what the issue, I have all the support I need, vastly reducing any potential stress and worry, making the role of head teacher enjoyable!"

David Jones

Cardinham Primary School

We help you bring out the best in your schools.

You want to deliver the best quality education. But keeping up with evolving standards and addressing the unique needs of your students is a struggle for any school.

And it's not just the education that you have to focus on. It's the human resource management, the training plans, the finance, the health and safety, the safeguarding, the OFSTED inspections... the list goes on.

That's why TPAT's skilled staff help you navigate these challenges. So you can focus on what matters most: providing the best possible education for your students. 

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Our schools enjoy...

  • Best-in-practice professional development:
    Our training is led by active practitioners who are currently working within our trust schools. This means that your staff will benefit from a deep understanding of the latest best practices and trends that come from being at the forefront of education. By providing your staff with access to expert-led training, we ensure that they have the confidence and support they need to deliver the best education possible.
  • Access to 360° specialist support:
    Running a school involves juggling challenges beyond just education - budgets, HR, health and safety, IT and safeguarding. That can be overwhelming. But now you can relax. Our specialist support team is here to give you practical advice, guidance, and systems that will help you manage these issues effectively. And that means you have more time to focus on delivering a fantastic learning experience for your students. 
  • Performance management strategy:
    All staff members deserve the support to improve their skills and performance. And we don't believe in box-ticking exercises, so we deliver ongoing development to support the individual needs of each staff member and the school as a whole. Result: staff feel valued and fulfilled, job satisfaction increases, and both pupils and staff grow.
  • Support for staff wellbeing:
    Teaching is a challenging and demanding profession, so we make the well-being of our teachers and staff a priority. Because we recognize that happy, healthy teachers are the key to creating the positive learning environment that all students deserve.
  • A community of schools to collaborate with:
    We facilitate collaboration between teachers and schools. This not only improves pupils' learning experiences but also fosters an environment of continuous improvement, where best practices and resources can be shared, workloads reduced, and creativity is encouraged. This leads to a more dynamic and effective educational system which gives opportunities and support for teachers and students alike. 

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Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed, and every school deserves the support to make it happen.