Welcome to our Trust Newsletter where we share news, activity and achievements from our students and staff working at home and in school.

Many of our schools remain open for critical workers children and vulnerable children. Please see school websites for details.

Our Trust has grown to 28 schools across Cornwall and we now work with 6000 children and young people from Liskeard to Sennen. We were pleased to be the first multi academy trust in the country to be subject to an Ofsted summary evaluation in January 2019, which recognised our Trust as ‘one that schools want to join’.


Gulval School have made these awesome circles of wood and ply all cut up and burnt ready for their young learners in September!

Thank You

Liskeard Hillfort Primary School say thank you to St Martin’s Church and Parti Cakes & Catering for their very kind delivery!

Gulval School say ‘thank you’ to Jonty for his beautifully written letter and presents for the school chickens. They loved the fruit so much!


Well done to Talitha at Liskeard Hillfort Primary School for highlighting road safety concerns down by her school! Talitha and her dad used their maths skills to observe the speed of cars travelling along a 100m stretch of the street and found that only 2 out of 20 cars were keeping to the limit.

In Spring term, Threemilestone Primary School’s Y2 children looked at hygiene and the importance of using antibiotics correctly. They entered a nationwide competition run by Pfizer where they had to create something to help everyone remember to use antibiotics responsibly. Veryan Class were lucky enough to have Harry win the competition and Amber be a runner-up!! Well done to both of you. Pfizer sent a video to congratulate both Harry and Amber and in the next academic year will be visiting the school to bring some amazing interactive sessions for all of the children to get involved with.

Fun Things To Do

Floral Masterpiece

Inspired by Blackwater School – Can you create a floral piece of artwork?

Kingdom Flags

Inspired by Liskeard Hillfort – Can you design a flag for your very own kingdom?

Continental Breakfast

Look at a map to find the continent of Europe. Choose 5 different countries in Europe and use a safe web browser to find out the typical breakfasts eaten in each one. Try out one a day or design your own buffet menu

Treasure Hunt

Make a treasure hunt around your indoor or outdoor space. Hide 10 or more object and think of some clues that will help someone to find them. Write them down if you can. Alternatively, draw a map with a key and symbols.

Mashup Creature

Create a mashup creature. Take 2 animals and mash them together. Give it a name. Draw it. Describe where it lives, what it eats, is it magical, good or evil?

Google Earth

Visit a new country on Google Earth and look around. What can you see? How is it different from the place where you live? Find out some fun things you can do there


Design your own superhero! What will their costume look like and what special powers do they have?


Make your own bookmark.

Wild Art

Create art from mud, sticks, stones and other outdoor things.

Different Languages

Learn to count to 10 or say “hello” in different languages.


A great time to get your things in order! Colour coordination, height, teddies, clothes, toys – there are so many things to organise!


Now is a great time to get creative and make a scrapbook – photo’s, timeline, accomplishments – there are lots of ideas!


Let your kids paint your nails and you do theirs – Alternatively, get creative and cut out some hands from paper or card and let them get creative.

Fashion Show

Hold a fashion show in your home – You may even find some clothes hidden somewhere you forgot existed. Fun for the kids and a great way to clear out the wardrobe!

Summer’s Day

It’s a beautiful summers day – Make a fruit juice and put on some summer tunes. You can also get everyone in bathing suits and flip flops and fill the tub to “go swimming”.

From Your Headteacher

To all the amazing staff, pupils and parents of Chacewater, thank you for everything that you have done this year. You have been great, and we cannot wait to see you in September.

Mr. Gould
Chacewater School
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students and staff for their hard work and commitment. It has been an academic year like no other and the unprecedented changes along with the speed at which we have all had to adjust, have strengthened the partnership between the school, our families and the community. Our staff have been hugely supported, encouraged and heartened by the kind words and support we have received from parents. We wish all of our families a safe and sunny Summer break and look forward with great delight to all students returning to school in September.

Sarah Crawley
Cape Cornwall School
Thank you to the children, parents, staff and governors at Lanivet and Cardinham Schools! Your energy, community spirit and good grace under difficult circumstances has been remarkable. I can’t wait to see you all again in September!

Ingrid Bennett
Lanivet and Cardinham Schools
I feel so privileged to be the Head of Newlyn School. Thank you to my amazing team of staff who have worked so hard to create such a positive atmosphere at school, ensuring our children have come back with great confidence. Thank you to our governors who have shown so much support during this challenging time. Thank you to our parents for your trust and the positive comments you have shared with us. And of course, thank you our very lovely children! I cannot tell you how much I look forward to seeing you all again in September.

Isabel Stephens
Newlyn School
To all our staff, governors, children and families, a massive thank you for making every day a pleasure and a privilege to come into school and be part of our TMS community. I really am part of something very special! Have a wonderful, restful holiday and I cannot wait to see you all in September.

Suzannah Teagle
Threemilestone School
This is a thank you from me to you, Parents, children, the St Just crew, You’ve all been amazing over these months and weeks, Put up with my blogs through the troughs and peaks, Now it’s time for a well-earned rest, To you all I wish the best, Enjoy your summer – relaxation a must, Looking forward to September @Team St Just!

Niki Rogers
St Just Primary School
Kehelland Village School – Your kindness, flexibility and diligence has shone through. I am thankful to be your headteacher and am looking forward to our next year together. Take care.

Miss. Harvey
Kehelland Village School

A Message from our CEO

Since April we have been sharing a newsletter featuring some of the amazing achievements of pupils at our schools from across Cornwall, with links to resources to help make home learning a little easier to manage for parents and carers. Teachers in all our school have gone above and beyond to continue to support learning throughout this unsettling time. In addition to the provision for the families of key workers, more recently many children and young people have been able to come back into their schools to re-engage with their friends, their teachers and the day-to-day routines of school life.
As this is the last newsletter of the summer term, I have taken the opportunity to share my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, leaders and support teams who have been supporting children in a multitude of different ways, and to thank all the parents and carers who have shared their appreciation for the efforts of our amazing staff team across all our schools. I also want to extend a special ‘thank you’ to Jamie-Leigh Harrington, our Trust Digital Marketing Apprentice who has expertly pulled these newsletters together each week and worked with all our schools to feature their activities and images.
I hope that you continue to stay safe, to enjoy our fabulous outdoors in Cornwall and have a well-earned rest over the summer.
Dr Jenny Blunden OBE
Chief Executive

St Just School

St Just Primary School have been announced as one of the winners of the Young Peoples Award 2020!!

Years 3 & 4 at St Just Primary School have been awarded joint first prize for the songs they wrote and performed as part of a project with Geevor Tin mine. Class teacher, Anthony Matthews said, “Everyone at St Just School is extremely proud of the children who took part in the performances. The children loved the mining topic and showed suck an enthusiastic approach to all areas of their learning. The children will be thrilled to receive the Gorsedh award.”

Blackwater School

Blackwater Community Primary School have created this beautiful COVID snake! If you’re passing the area, make sure to add your own pebbles! “Thank you to everyone involved to celebrate our community and the positive memories of this time.”

Gulval School

Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue Classes at Gulval School were welcomed back to an amazing adventure day at school! “We were blown away by the resilience, leadership, positivity, kindness as well as the skills the children developed.”

Berrycoombe School

Berrycoombe School’s Year 6 leavers were delighted to receive their beautiful leavers hoodies! The Year 6 children usually complete a business project to help raise money to pay for these, but sadly the school have been unable to do it this year. However, a HUGE thank you has been said to Mrs King and everyone who has supported the PTA over the last year! They have kindly stepped in to buy these for the leavers this year ensuring that the children didn’t miss out.


Check out Gulval School’s Book Cover creations…

To all the children, parents, staff and governors at St Dennis Primary Academy. It’s been quite a first year as Headteacher at St Dennis and I thank you for all your support over the year. I can’t wait to see all the children return for our ‘Welcome Back Week’ in September as I have missed them all! Before then, I hope you all have an amazing holiday full of fun, sand, sea and ice-cream! Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you in September.

Cathy Brokenshire
St Dennis Academy
Children, parents and our very own TeamGulval you have been so amazing in such exceptional circumstances. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do, your support, positive messages and guidance have been humbling. Wishing you all the most fantastic of summers, see you in September!

Mr. Baker
Gulval School
Well I can honestly say that this will certainly be a year that none of us will forget! Back in September, if anyone had suggested that by March pupils would be encouraged not to come to school, that we would have to teach social distancing and hand washing, that bubbles were not simply for blowing or that ‘zoom’ meant anything other than to get somewhere in a hurry, we’d have all thought them quite mad! Low and behold, this very quickly became the situation we all had to get along with.
It has been an extremely challenging time to say the least! However, it is at a time like this that makes me appreciate how very glad that I’m Headteacher of such an incredible school. The saying ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’, really typifies the Perranporth way of dealing with problems, and this has been no different! Within a very short space of time, teachers figured out plans for online teaching, children and parents got to grips with learning from home and everyone showed remarkable kindness, understanding and resilience in managing to keep our school going, if a little differently. It has been truly inspiring how well everyone has managed to accept and make the best of the situation. How readily the children adapted to a different type of learning and how they have shown absolute determination to not allow their education to be interrupted. Added to that, some children have even managed to do some awesome feats of fundraising too! To say that I’m proud of our school and our community would be a great understatement indeed!
Looking ahead into the next academic year and hopefully we’ll be able to picture a slightly more normal school year that will see us closer together, (but not too close!) and enjoying school life more like we used to know it. Yes, there’ll be some changes and some things we can’t do. But the fact that we’ll have all of our wonderful smiley children back in our classrooms, meeting the challenges of daily learning together again and be the Perranporth School we know, and love is something to genuinely look forward to and certainly not take for granted. I know I won’t!
Despite its extraordinary challenges, thank you all for another wonderful year at Perranporth School and, for everyone except Year 6… see you in September!
Have a lovely summer, best wishes

Alistair Johnson
Perranporth School


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